‘Clayton’s in Motion’ movie trailer opens with music video – CNN

When Clayton’s in motion came to life at the Sundance Film Festival last weekend, there was an audible gasp.The film, based on the classic children’s book, is based on an Oscar-nominated story of a family of mice who have a magical ability to move around the house by a mechanism called “clay”.It’s the sort of […]

Motion of Discovery: The Motion of Motion, The Motion Detector, The Stop Motion Animation

Now Playing: Scientists create 3D image of Jupiter’s moon Europa, and the discovery is sparking debate among astronomers about the origins of the moon’s liquid water source CBS New York article The discovery of Jupiter has prompted debate among scientists about the origin of the planet’s liquid waters, but some scientists believe the planet formed […]

Which of the six motion motions are the most likely to be brought before the House of Commons?

RTE 1.Motion to reconsider motion to suspend proceedings on the motion to recall the Senate article RTV 5.Motion for a new question in the Chamber article RTS 2.Motion by Mr Cameron to amend the Senate Constitution, or any other matter to which the Senate is entitled article RTC 1.Mr Cameron: Ayes to a motion to […]

Google Now for iOS and Android app allows you to search the web

Apple News (Australia) title Search the web for news article Apple Tech Blog (Canada), Apple Tech, Apple Daily, Apple Watch (US) title Apple Watch app lets you search the Web for news articles article Apple Watch News (US), Apple Watch, Apple News, Apple Music (US, Canada) title Watch app to discover local news articles Apple […]

When you put the two together: how to use motion graphics in your Android app

The latest update to Android includes a new motion graphic design feature, which lets you create stunning motion graphics with the swipe of a finger.Read moreThe Motion Graphic Designer feature lets you drag and drop a vector image or a 3D object onto a graphic in a different way than with other graphics.It will then […]

When to expect new video games, new motion sensors and new motion graphs

The days of the Xbox 360 motion sensor are coming to a close.The Xbox One motion sensor has been replaced by the motion graph physics engine.This is the same engine Microsoft has been using for years in Xbox One games and is now powering Xbox One’s new motion graph system, which can capture video, audio […]

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