How to Use Motion to Get Better at Motion Games

If you are a fan of motion games, you’ve probably tried them a few times.But when it comes to motion sickness, you may not be sure what the hell you’re getting yourself into.While motion sickness pills and motion industry locations are pretty popular these days, there’s a lot of confusion about which is which and […]

Fitbit: The new fitness tracker will be waterproof, but will be priced as a home security device

Fitness tracker maker Fitbit said on Tuesday that it would release its first waterproof wearable, the Fitbit Flex, at the end of the year.The Flex will be the company’s first wearable that has a waterproofing element, with an IP67 rating, which means it is impervious to water.It is powered by an embedded, waterproof sensor and […]

Which motion cameras will you need to bring home?

A lot of people have been searching for the right motion camera to bring back home after they’ve been away.They’ve searched for a motion camera that works with your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone, but that doesn’t have a built-in GPS system.It’s the kind of device that you would need to buy on its own […]

What the next wave of motion cameras is worth?

The next wave will be better, faster, and cheaper than ever before.This week we take a look at the hottest new technology out there and why this new camera is worth investing in right now.First, let’s talk about what a motion detector is and why it’s worth investing right now:What are Motion Detectors?The term motion […]

Which motion makers have been nominated for Oscars?

There’s been some discussion of whether the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has made it mandatory for motion makers to be nominated for Best Picture for a motion picture of any genre.The academy says that it has “no intention” of making that a requirement.But it also has an online petition on the subject, […]

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