The Future of eSports is a Lot More Fun than You Think

A new trend in the sports world is the esports industry.The word esports refers to any type of competitive sports, and is a way to refer to the popularity of the sport.A growing number of athletes, leagues and tournaments are taking to the internet to broadcast their matches live.But while esports is a growing industry, […]

How to get rid of motion sickness in your mobile

FourFourThree has teamed up with motion sensor light to give you the tools to get you through your day without ever moving.The mobile application gives you access to a range of tools to help you reduce the chances of motion sickness, including:A free mobile app to help find out more about the conditions in your […]

The PS4 Motion Controller Is Here to Keep You In Focus for The Long Run

A lot of PlayStation 4 users are already looking forward to the new motion controller announced by Sony at E3 this week.The PSN motion controller will work with your PlayStation 4 system, and can even be attached to your smartphone or tablet.And with this new motion control, users can play PS4 games, watch TV shows, […]

Trump’s campaign to get rid of a law enforcement tool may have been a mistake

The White House says Donald Trump’s effort to repeal the Stop Online Piracy Act, which has been blamed for blocking access to pirated movies and TV shows, may have led to the failure of a major cybersecurity tool.Trump announced Wednesday that he had asked the Federal Communications Commission to repeal a key part of the […]

Faucet maker ‘will not shut down’ amid probe over noise complaint

Faucets, toilets and shower heads were among the items reportedly bought by a company that was found to be selling a fake product that can make customers cough up more than they pay for.In a statement to Reuters, the company, Mobi Inc, said it was taking the matter “very seriously” and would “fully cooperate with […]

‘Motion’ for motion sickness glasses: How motion sickness is a disease of our time

We’ve all heard the term motion sickness, and the phrase is apt: the discomfort of being unable to move your eyes or legs.While it’s common to see this condition in adults, it’s typically seen in children as well.It’s a serious problem that can affect mobility in some people and may even cause dizziness or tingling […]

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