‘Clayton’s in Motion’ movie trailer opens with music video – CNN

When Clayton’s in motion came to life at the Sundance Film Festival last weekend, there was an audible gasp.

The film, based on the classic children’s book, is based on an Oscar-nominated story of a family of mice who have a magical ability to move around the house by a mechanism called “clay”.

It’s the sort of thing that could be used in a motion picture: a clever way to create a cinematic moment, a wink at an event, or a moment of fun.

But it’s also a reminder of how hard it is to imagine a future where we can’t just go about our lives, say, like we used to.

As a child, Clayton had a fascination with the concept of clay moving around the home.

He used to play with his family’s house and the toys inside, but the magic didn’t last, he said.

It just kept on coming back, so he began to research it more and more.

His quest to understand what clay does is a bit like his quest to figure out how the human brain works, and he’s finding out things about it that are quite fascinating.

For Clayton, the key to understanding clay is the idea that it’s not just a kind of magical entity.

It’s something we’re all part of.

Clayton wants to use his own life experience to teach people about clay, the natural processes that it uses and the ways in which it can help us better live our lives.

To make the movie, Clayton and a team of animators created a puppet puppet called Clay, who plays with clay in a natural way.

Clay is one of about 15,000 clay creatures in the world, including a variety of different species.

Clayton said the clay puppet is “not a creation of anybody, it’s just clay.

We just did it.”

The team worked with a variety and diversity of clay species and the various species of clay animals to come up with the clay puppets that Clayton wants us to see.

The clay puppet has a mouth that’s made of clay, and its eyes are made of an ancient species of bird.

The clay puppeteers were also able to create some of the animals in the film, including the clay turtle and the clay rat, which can run faster than a human and has the ability to see into the future.

The puppeteer, a clay rat named Big Dog, plays a similar role to the clay creature, but it is a smaller animal, with a more primitive intelligence.

Clay is a small clay animal, which makes it an ideal candidate for the clay animal puppet.

But, as with many things about clay creatures, it can also make some very smart and imaginative choices.

For example, the clay creatures can actually learn to recognize their surroundings.

For instance, the animals learned to understand the shape of a brick by looking at it.

Clayton and his team then used that knowledge to build a clay figure in clay so the clay figures can see the shapes of the bricks in their environment.

The filmmakers also wanted to explore the idea of clay in nature.

In the movie’s opening scene, Clayton is shown in his house, where he’s trying to get a piece of clay into a bowl of water.

The bowl is full of water, and Clay has a bowl and a bucket to help him.

Clayton tries to get his clay into the bowl and the water drips out.

In an effort to help Clay get the clay into his bowl, he tries to pull a clay stick from his hat and the stick is stuck to the bottom of the bucket.

When Clay gets the clay stick, he uses it to help his clay figure to move across the floor.

This is where Clayton’s research into the nature of clay and the way clay moves comes in.

He said clay can be a pretty complicated material, with multiple layers and different properties.

Clay can also have different properties, such as strength, durability and hardness.

Clayton’s clay is made of different substances, such that the properties of each clay layer is affected by the clay itself.

Clays also have a history of being used in various crafts, including painting, sculpting, making pottery and even making furniture.

Clayton says clay has a long history of making tools and that’s why he thought clay was an ideal tool to use in the movie.

Clay tools are made by a process called “dissolving,” and Clayton’s team used clay to create his clay tools.

Clackley said his research into clay in the past year has given him a better understanding of how clay works.

He believes that clay can help create a “cleaner” environment for humans and animals.

For example, he believes that when clay is used to make pottery, it reduces the amount of harmful chemicals, including mold and bacteria.

Clifford believes that the clay we make and use everyday can be part of a bigger picture, and that the way we interact with our environment is one part of that larger

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