Why are you paying more for a fitness tracker than you should?

Answering the question, “How much do I really pay for a Fitbit?”, the authors of this article offer an interesting answer.While there are multiple models of Fitbit fitness trackers out there, the majority of them fall into the “standard” category.This means that they have a basic fitness tracker that comes with a GPS receiver and […]

How to get your motion graphics license in New Zealand

A motion graphics licensing company in New York is hoping to help those who have been left out of the Christmas lights revolution.Al Jazeera English has learned that the Motion Graphics License Company is preparing a “Motion Graphics Guidebook” for use in the state of New York.The guidebook, which will be available on its website, […]

Nike and Nike motion 2 are getting the ‘motion app’ treatment

Nike and Google are set to collaborate on the ‘Motion 2’ app for Apple Watch.The ‘motion’ feature in Nike and the ‘move’ feature of Nike’s latest watch, Nike Motion 2, will both be available for the next few months.The two companies have already teamed up to launch ‘motion 2’, which will offer users the ability […]

How to make a slow motion cum shot (with a video camera)

The slow motion shoot is the next evolution of the camera and it is here that motion control shoes are becoming a thing.A slow motion camera has to be fast enough to shoot the action without losing quality.It also has to have a good enough signal that you can make it look real.If you want […]

A video of an Equations of Motion machine can give you the answers

When you’ve had a full day of math, you probably know the answer to the question, “How many legs does a locomotive have?”But the answer is more complicated than you might think.Here’s how Equations Machine makes that answer: It shows you how the motion of a locomotion can be described mathematically.This machine is the work […]

How to watch ‘The Bachelor’ episode 8: Bachelorette airs with new music video

The Bachelor’s season 8 episode 8 will feature the song “Second The Motion” by Heart in Motion, and according to a tweet from the show’s social media team, it will also feature a new music piece, as well.The Bachelor has been trending on Twitter this week, with viewers questioning whether or not the new music […]

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