GOP lawmakers plan to vote for Kavanaugh in 2018 election

Democrats are set to move ahead on a bipartisan vote to impeach Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in a vote scheduled for Tuesday, according to a report.

Lawmakers in both parties are expected to support the motion, which has the support of two GOP senators and two Democrats.

The move could pave the way for the impeachment of Kavanaugh for his handling of sexual assault allegations, which he denies.

The motion will be introduced in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which includes Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the panel.

The resolution would also force the Senate to convene a special committee to investigate the allegations.

The vote is expected to be on the Senate floor by the end of the day.

Sen. Patty Murray, the ranking Democrat on Senate Judiciary, told reporters Monday that the Judiciary Committee would not hold a vote until after the impeachment vote.

The senators plan to hold a news conference Tuesday, Murray said.

Republicans are pushing the motion as part of an effort to make sure that the country sees a trial of Kavanaugh before the full Senate, which would then have to decide whether to confirm the Supreme Court justice.

Murray and other Republicans have previously warned that Kavanaugh is a strong enough nominee to get the votes to end up on the Supreme Floor, but she said Monday that she doesn’t see the Democrats doing the same thing.

Murray said she’s still open to the idea, but said it would be hard for her to support such a move.

“I think that Brett Kavanaugh is an exceptionally qualified nominee,” she said.

“He’s been a very bright, highly respected jurist and he deserves a fair trial.

I would hope that we could find a way to get to that conclusion.”

Murray said the move would be a “powerful signal” to the Democratic base that the Senate will not back Kavanaugh.

“It will send a message to the voters of Alabama and to the people of the United States that the Democrats do not stand for that type of conduct,” she told reporters.

The Supreme Court seat is currently held by Justice Neil Gorsuch.

The Supreme Court has previously been asked to decide if a case involving a sexual assault allegation is worth the risk of a potential impeachment trial.

The Senate Judiciary panel has not yet set a date for the hearing.

Democrats are still expected to offer a procedural vote on Tuesday to move the impeachment motion to the floor for a vote.

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