‘Motion Sensor Faucet’: Study Shows It’s Not A Gadget, But A Way To Detect You

Motion sensors can detect objects and motion, and the idea of “motion detection” seems to be ubiquitous.

But new research suggests there’s another way that these sensors can be used: to determine your location.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge and the University at Buffalo have used motion detectors to measure the positions of objects and people, and they found that people are more accurate in locating the location of a motion sensor than others.

The researchers found that when the motion sensor is placed within the body of a human subject, people are 2.7 percent more accurate than the rest of the population in determining the location, according to the researchers.

The researchers used an automated tracking system to measure how long the motion sensors were on the person and the distance from the subject to the motion detection system.

The motion detection technology was used to determine how many seconds passed between the motion detecting device and the subject, and it measured a difference of about 0.5 centimeters (1.5 inches).

The researchers believe that this accuracy comes from the fact that the sensors are placed in the body, rather than in a pocket or other hidden location.

They also say that this could be an advantage when it comes to detecting motion.

“The fact that it is hidden is a really good thing,” said Matthew M. Haney, a professor of physics at the university and an author of the study.

“You can use this information to identify people with better accuracy.

If we can find a way to use motion detection to make a detection, we could have a whole new way of predicting the location.”

This type of motion detection has existed for years, but it was not known what it actually was.

The research team found that this type of sensor has a very specific shape that is hard to see.

They found that the shape of the sensor is so different that it would be difficult to see how they could detect an object with such a small distance.

For the study, the researchers used a motion detector that was placed on a small plastic doll that was fitted with a microphone and a motion tracking device.

They then measured the time it took for the motion tracking to detect an item, and then recorded the time to see if the object moved.

The team then used a statistical analysis to figure out how much the researchers had been able to learn about the object from the motion tracker.

When the researchers analyzed the motion data, they found there were a lot of variables that could affect the accuracy of the motion sensing.

The scientists found that if a person was standing in front of the object, the distance to the object was much smaller than it was if the person was facing away from the object.

However, when the person looked in a different direction, the sensor detected more objects.

In some situations, the sensors were placed in different places in the person’s body, so there were fewer measurements taken for certain situations.

When these situations were over, the motion detector could be switched off.

“You would think the sensors would be useful for detecting objects that are in motion,” said Dr. Haney.

“But the sensors seem to be more useful when they are in a hidden location, which is a good thing because they can also detect things that are out of sight.”

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