Nike and Nike motion 2 are getting the ‘motion app’ treatment

Nike and Google are set to collaborate on the ‘Motion 2’ app for Apple Watch.

The ‘motion’ feature in Nike and the ‘move’ feature of Nike’s latest watch, Nike Motion 2, will both be available for the next few months.

The two companies have already teamed up to launch ‘motion 2’, which will offer users the ability to see a 3D video of an athlete’s motion as they run or sprint. 

Nike’s ‘motion and move’ features, meanwhile, are currently only available for Apple and Android devices.

This means that users will have to download a special app for their Apple Watch that will allow them to view a 3d video of the athlete’s motions.

It’s not the first time that Google and Nike have collaborated to release the ‘smartwatch’ app.

Last year, the two companies launched a new version of the ‘Smartwatch 2’, a device that will be compatible with the new Nike app.

The smartwatch, which will be available to purchase at some retailers and online, will have a variety of different features.

For example, the device will have an accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, and a ‘smart’ battery that can store power to last for up to 15 hours of use. 

The device also includes an integrated microphone and a built-in camera that can capture high-resolution photos, video and audio.

This makes it ideal for sharing photos and videos on social media and on the Nike app, which has more than 50 million users around the world.

The ‘motion, move, and watch’ app is set to launch in the first quarter of next year.

Nike has been working on a similar ‘motion smartwatch’ since last year, when the company unveiled its first smartwatch called the ‘V2’.

It was unveiled in September last year.

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