Lego stop motion motion game ‘MOMO’ turns out to be ‘Momo’

Lego stop-motion game “Momo” is a remake of the 1990s hit “MOM”, the popular Japanese children’s video game.It has been dubbed by some as a “Muppet-lite” because of the animation and music style.While the game is still on the market, its makers say the remake will not be used to make new Lego products.Instead, the […]

LEGO stop motion car, Lego stop motion street car – review

Posted by BBC Sport on Monday, April 12, 2019 16:11:51If you’re into building your own stop motion cars, then you’ll love this Lego stop-motion street car.The LEGO Stop Motion car has a full set of Lego stop and go lights and stops, which are powered by a battery.The vehicle is designed for adults only and […]

When can you wear the latest motion capture glasses

Motion capture has long been a popular way to improve the quality of the movies that are shot, but what about wearing it when you want to make a movie?According to a new report from the Motion Capture Innovation Lab at United Healthcare, we can expect a change in that regard when the new Samsung […]

Which motion makers have been nominated for Oscars?

There’s been some discussion of whether the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has made it mandatory for motion makers to be nominated for Best Picture for a motion picture of any genre.The academy says that it has “no intention” of making that a requirement.But it also has an online petition on the subject, […]

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