Get low-cost motion-gripping motion sensors for your golf ball and golf clubs

The best part about the new Nike Golf Balls is that they’re not just cheap plastic balls, but also high-quality sensors.These sensors are designed for low-profile golf clubs, but they can also be used for a number of other activities.The Golf Balls from Nike are designed to be low-maintenance and affordable, which means that they […]

How ‘Jihad’ could become a popular blockbuster film in 2018

By Sarah SegevPublished 12:33:53I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what the future of war may look like in the Middle East.In the next few years, a number of movies will be released that have been created specifically for the task of presenting the events of the Syrian civil war.These movies will show the brutality […]

LEGO stop motion car, Lego stop motion street car – review

Posted by BBC Sport on Monday, April 12, 2019 16:11:51If you’re into building your own stop motion cars, then you’ll love this Lego stop-motion street car.The LEGO Stop Motion car has a full set of Lego stop and go lights and stops, which are powered by a battery.The vehicle is designed for adults only and […]

How to turn a dead car into a high-performance car: The Sims

The Sims 4 has a few cool new features.First, it has an all-new feature called motion capture.In this video, a character walks through the streets of New York City.It’s a slow, intimate scene, but there are no pedestrians around to distract from the character’s performance.The Sims’ motion capture system has also been expanded to include […]

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