What you need to know about the motion duck in 2018

By Andrew HoyleThe Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a notice to the manufacturer of a motion sensor which can detect when you are moving a device or object in front of you.

The motion detector, which uses a light sensor, works by detecting the angle between the light of a moving object and the light reflected from a surface or wall.

The company, SmartMotion, claims the device can detect a person walking behind them by measuring the angle the light travels when the subject moves.

The ACCC is calling the sensor “non-reciprocal” and the Australian Federal Police is calling it “a threat to the integrity of the digital community”.

The ACCCC issued a warning to the company last year after it claimed the device was not reliable and could be exploited by criminals.

But it has been in a state of limbo for some time and has been a subject of a legal challenge from SmartMotion.

The device works by using light sensors to detect the angle of light reflected by objects.

It works by capturing a video of the subject and a camera that records the movement of the device and the reflected light.

The footage can then be compared to the captured video to calculate the angle at which the light is reflected.

The manufacturer, Smart Motion, says the sensor is capable of measuring angles between objects and objects and surfaces.

“The device can determine the angle and velocity of a movement of a subject, the position of a surface, and even the orientation of a body,” the company said in a statement.

“This information can be combined with a motion detector that captures a motion pattern from a motion image captured by a motion detection device to calculate an accurate location for the motion.”

The ACCCs latest notice states the device is “nonreciprocable” and can only be used to detect when the camera is turned on.

The agency is also concerned about the company’s claims of non-recruitment.

“If the manufacturer fails to provide reasonable assurances about the accuracy of its claim, it may be misleading consumers to make a purchase based on the product,” the notice said.

“In addition, if the manufacturer does not comply with the requirements of the consumer protection act, it could cause a consumer to believe the product is not legitimate and subject to a claim for breach of contract.”

The company has a “substantial” amount of product to market in Australia, and it’s also the only motion detector to have been sold to a retail retailer in the country.

“Smart Motion claims to have sold more than $300 million worth of motion detectors to retailers worldwide, but has not disclosed its sales or financial information,” the ACCC said.

“The company’s lack of disclosure about its sales of motion detection devices to retail outlets could potentially cause a substantial consumer disincentive to purchase its products.”

The motion detection company has been sued by the Federal Government, but a spokesman said the company was “committed to fighting for the interests of consumers”.

“We are pleased that the ACCCs notice will help consumers understand the accuracy and non-referralability of our product, and we will continue to fight for the rights of our consumers,” the spokesman said.

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