When can you wear the latest motion capture glasses

Motion capture has long been a popular way to improve the quality of the movies that are shot, but what about wearing it when you want to make a movie?

According to a new report from the Motion Capture Innovation Lab at United Healthcare, we can expect a change in that regard when the new Samsung Gear VR goes on sale on March 5th.

It has been revealed that the Gear VR will feature a motion capture system, but it isn’t exactly clear exactly what that means.

It is likely that the new system will be able to capture a large number of different motion events, and it could even provide the ability to turn a 360-degree video into an animated video.

The lab is also suggesting that this new system could be used to capture an entire scene from the perspective of a character, and could even give users a second, more detailed perspective than what was possible before.

If you want a look at what this could look like, check out the first footage from the report below.

It will also allow for some pretty interesting new features.

One of the coolest things about this system is that it will work with the Oculus Rift, which is an extremely popular VR headset.

You can use this motion capture tool to record yourself in a virtual world, and if you do this, the results will look incredibly convincing.

One thing that might catch you off guard is that this feature will only work with one version of the Oculus VR headset, and so if you have a Gear VR with a different version of Oculus, you’ll need to make sure to change the version of motion capture software that you’re using.

The report also suggests that you’ll also be able use the motion capture to make some pretty bizarre-looking effects.

We’ll be sure to update this article with more information as it becomes available.

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