When you put the two together: how to use motion graphics in your Android app

The latest update to Android includes a new motion graphic design feature, which lets you create stunning motion graphics with the swipe of a finger.

Read moreThe Motion Graphic Designer feature lets you drag and drop a vector image or a 3D object onto a graphic in a different way than with other graphics.

It will then render a video of the vector image with a different size, resolution, and quality.

When you first launch the feature, you’ll be asked to choose between the two different options: “Move the object around.”

The first option will show you an image of the object that you can move around with the mouse or touch screen, or you can also select a 3d object to draw on top of it.

When a second option is selected, you will be presented with an animation of the graphic object that will play when you tap it.

The animation will change depending on how much time you have left to animate the object.

The second option will only work for the first time you launch the motion graphic designer, and you can change this later on.

The animation can be made to look a little different depending on what part of the video you want to animate.

The first video, for example, will show a scene with a moving car, a bird, and a horse.

The next video will show an animation with a person walking on a bike.

This can be a fun way to add an element of realism to a scene.

The motion graphic can also be used to add some variety to a video that has been shot at different angles, with different lighting and other effects.

If you choose the second option, you can specify the type of effects that you want, like a snowflake effect or some sort of fog effect.

You can even use the animation to animate a character or object with different animations, depending on the type and duration of the animation.

To animate an object, simply tap it and drag it around with your finger.

It should then start to move around as it is animated.

When the animation is over, tap on the icon in the upper right corner to stop the animation and choose to stop drawing.

You should see a message that says “This animation has stopped.”

If you want a specific type of animation, you must select the animation in the animation options and click on it to make it a full-fledged animation.

You must then choose the type to stop, and then click on the “stop animation” button to continue the animation on the screen.

If you are creating an interactive video, you may want to make the animation a little more complex than what is currently available with the motion graphics.

To do this, you might use a different animation type, which will add a little visual complexity.

For example, if you want an animation that is a snow globe, you could make it snow globe by making a snow sphere and making it the center of the snow globe.

You could also create a snow ball by adding a little snow to it.

To add some visual variation to your animations, you should also use different type of objects to animate with the same effect.

If, for instance, you are using the motion of a fish to animate an animal, you would add a snow pellet that is placed on top and attached to the fish.

Alternatively, you just might want to add a fish, a tree, and some water to the scene and animate with it.

The last option is to use a motion graphic that you create with the Motion Graphic Editor, which is the main application for creating motion graphics for your app.

Motion graphic designer is available for free from Google Play for Android and iOS devices, as well as in the Google Play Store.

You can use the feature to create a quick and dirty motion graphic using a vector, vector-based, or polygonal image.

It can also add some additional visual interest to your animation by adding an effect or effect that is not currently present in the scene.

The feature allows you to select the desired effect and then drag and rotate it until it looks right.

If your app is creating a video, this feature can also help you animate the video with your motion graphics, as the animation can then be made more dynamic by adjusting the speed of the motion and adding an animation effect.

When you run the video through the motion design tool, you see a list of animated frames.

Each frame has a different speed and an animation duration.

The more animation that you add to the video, the longer it will last.

The faster you add animation, the better the video will look.

You will also find a section of the Google+ community for motion graphics developers and developers of motion graphics apps.

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