When you see your kids in the dark, take a few precautions

By TOM GILBERT Associated PressThe light in a garage door could be blinding.

It could be a blinding light from a cellphone or a TV.

A car window might be blinding for those with a blind spot.

The light from the headlights of a pickup truck might not even be visible to anyone without binoculars.

The blinding light is from a device called a “motorized motion lamp,” which was developed in the 1990s and now helps people navigate the city by illuminating a tiny light.

A small electric motor powers the motion lamp, which sends out pulses of light to illuminate the road ahead.

People with a visual impairment often have difficulty seeing through the fog or darkness that surround them, but the motion lamps help people navigate more safely.

For instance, when a driver approaches a car with a motorized motion light, they can get a better look at the vehicle and see it’s moving more slowly.

“They have a very clear vision,” said Rob Scholz, who heads the University of Florida’s Motor Vehicle Safety Institute.

“And I think that helps us navigate more accurately,” he said.

The motion lamp can be used on highways, sidewalks and other roadways where the lights are often used by people with vision impairments, like people with severe sight loss.

“There’s some people who can’t see clearly at all, and it can be a huge burden,” said Brian Burt, a spokesman for the Florida Department of Transportation.

Burt said people with visual impairments can often tell if they have a motion lamp on by looking at their eyes, but people with normal vision may not notice.

“Some people might think it’s invisible, but it’s actually not invisible,” Burt said.

“The light’s coming from the direction of the motion light and the person’s vision is being able to see it.”

The motorized motorized lamp is designed to be placed on any part of the vehicle that has lights, such as on the driver’s side door or on the windshield.

Bert said people who use motion lamps to navigate roads are often distracted by the sound of other vehicles.

“It can be hard for them to see,” he added.

The Florida Department’s Burt pointed to research that shows people who are driving when the motorized light is flashing are at greater risk of a crash.

Bart Van Buren/floridasun.comThe motorization motion lamp is available for $3,600 a year.

In the U.S., the price varies by state, but most states allow people to purchase the device at a reduced price.

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